Pick Up & Delivery FAQ

Where do you pick up and drop off my clothes?

You choose the area for us to pick up and deliver.

What type of bag do I use to put my clothes in for pick-up?

The first time we pick up from you, simply put your clothes in any bag you have on-hand. Please include a note inside the bag with your name and telephone number. The bag can be a shopping bag, garbage bag, or anything else that is similar. We will then provide you with a courtesy bag when we return with your order. Again, please be sure to write your name and telephone number on a sheet of paper and place it in the bag prior to our pick-up.

Do I have to be there when the drop-off or pick-up is made?

No. The driver will service the pre-designated location.

How do I pay for my service?

Your cleaning will be charged to your credit card. Prior to your first pick-up a representative of our company will phone you for your credit card information. We will enter this information in our secure system along with your profile. The owner and manager are responsible for this process.

How do I tell you about a special issue with my garments?

Simply indicate on a sheet of paper the specific garment (including color, fabric type and label if possible) along with any specific cleaning and pressing instructions.